We strive to make nature-inclusive building easy and accessible.

Quick and easy

Cost-effective solution within months


Balanced moss systems require minimal maintenance

Climate positive

Minimizing carbon costs while maximizing its absorption


Aesthetically pleasing and graffiti resistant

Respyre Empowers Cities to Breathe

Our mission is to make nature in the cities easy and accessible. To do this we’ve developed a bioreceptive concrete recipe that allows moss to grow on its surface with low costs and maintenance.

Moss is like a natural air filter. It takes in greenhouse gasses such as CO2 and Nitrogen and replaces these with Oxygen. But it also breaks down particulate matter (PM2.5 & PM10), tackles the Urban Heat Effect and increases the biodiversity by providing housing for small life.

What is Keeping Respyre Busy?

Respyre is currently hard at work to get our first product launch on the right track. This means that we are spending a big capacity of our time on Research and Development. We want to help you to create a greener living space for yourself, your surroundings and everything that is alive. And we want to do it right.

That means that right now we are working on perfecting our product. We do this through pilots, which we set up with our partners, and through research in our greenhouse. We are learning how moss behaves and when they thrive, what type of concrete is most effective, and which kind of moss-gel gives the moss the best environment to grow.

What Happens Next?

We are not sitting still! We know that this current website lacks some information. Information about the availability of our product and about the effectiveness of moss. But that is going to change! In August we will launch our new website with answers to the questions you might have. And in the mean time, check out the article with answers to the most frequent asked questions!

The new website will also update you about the product launch, which will happen later this year. Keep in mind, however, that this launch will mostly focus on the Dutch market. But, we do of course aspire to expand outside of our beautiful flat country!

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2022 Wrap Up 

This video shows the developments Respyre has made in 2022. A year where we started to grow our team, gained recognition and won prices for the innovation.

We are working hard to make 2023 an even better year!