What do we mean with bioreceptivity?

Respyre has developed  an innovative –patent pending– bioreceptive concrete solution. After hardening, the bio-receptive concrete’s surface accommodates the growth of moss. Several unique characteristics of our concrete make it bio-receptive which include its porosity and water retainment, micropore texture, acidity and nutrients that are included in the mixture. These characteristics create the perfect setting for moss to thrive on.

Moss is incredibly well suited for green facades as moss has rhizoids instead of roots. Rhizoids are nondestructive, they mainly function as an adhesive, leaving the faccade in perfect condition where roots are very invasive and demand a lot from the substance they grow from.  Our bio-receptive concrete creates a substrate that suit the rhizoids wishes perfectly. 

So, what do we mean with bioreceptivity? Something is bioreceptive when it has it’s arms open for nature to settle with it. In our case, the concrete invites mosses and algae to  live and grow on it. It is receptive to biodiversity… ;). 

Our Process







The solution can either be plaster, a prefabricated concrete element or concrete poured on location. Meaning that our product can easily be applied on existing structures but also efficiently incorporated into new projects. Making our product a quick, easy and cost- effective way of incorporating nature in the urban environment. Once placed in a suitable environment the bio- receptive concrete facilitates the spontaneous growth of moss. With the added nutrients moss is incited to grow quickly. Alternatively the moss can also be grafted, leading to even quicker results. Either way, moss will have covered the surface of our solution within a couple of months and immediately start to provide its benefits. Unlike other green facades our moss facades require no complicated anchoring system. Our solution provides all anchoring the moss needs as well as an environment where it can thrive autonomously. A moss facade based on our solution requires no tending too, making it an even more cost-effective solution.

respiratory system

The strength of our product lies in nature’s design, the characteristics of moss. It is moss that provides the benefits we seek, our job is to bring the tiny plant in large amounts in to city. Our bio-receptive concrete provides the accommodation but our work doesn’t stop there. We ensure that these natural systems do not require extra tending and thrive autonomously.

Together with our solution we provide our clients with our knowledge and expertise in moss. We help select the right type of moss for the right environment, advise on suitable locations for our solution and assist in the design of facades when necessary. We do this to ensure everything the system needs is provided by natural precipitation and provides its natural benefits without extra intervention.

The variety in moss species is extensive. This provides us with the opportunity to mix and match the most beneficial types specifically for every project. Choosing the right types ensures the health of the system and its positive contributions to the environment.

Additionally, being able to choose the moss that grows on our solutions, combined with the ability to accurately arrange its growth enables us to provide extremely aesthetically pleasing results.

A sustainable solution

Aside from the positive effect on the air quality our solution is sustainable all-round. Our bioreceptive concrete is produced by using recycled concrete aggregates and other residual streams. Minimizing waste and pollution generated during our production process. During its life the green facades facilitated by our bio-receptive concrete can also have positive effects on the structure it is applied on. Through evapotranspiration of retained water the moss can cool the structure down. Additionally the green façade protects the structure from the forces of weather, which can contribute to lengthening the life of the structure.