How to improve our life by making cities green

Aug 15, 2022 | 0 comments

There is something about nature. Something relaxing and nurturing. Therefore, we often use it as a little escape from our stressful city life. You might’ve noticed that you feel more clear-headed, happier, or energized after being out in nature. Of course, one reason might be that you’re happy to be away from work, but there is another reason why you feel better in nature. Clean air.

In nature, we can breathe in more oxygen and fewer pollutants. More oxygen, for example, will improve your brain function and energize your body. It also helps your body release more serotonin (the happiness hormone). And without the pollutant air of the city, you’ll feel healthier and get less sick.

So, what if we could accumulate all these benefits in our urban life? What if we could be happier and healthier in everyday life, not just those times when we manage to get away? Well, we could.

More than 400 million years ago, one pioneer created enough oxygen for the more intelligent life forms to develop. This specie was moss. It was the start of everything we know. And now it has the chance to maintain what it started. By bringing moss into our environment, we can reenergize ourselves, and become happier and healthier. Here are the 3 stages that will improve our urban life.

Moss cleans the air

Cities are constantly growing, creating more people, transport, factories, and… pollutants. Air that once would be seen as unbreathable is now normal. Toxic air is all around us, even if we don’t see it.

The WHO has estimated that each year, 7 million people die prematurely from air pollution. And even if we survive our unbreathable air, we’re all affected in some way. By developing chronic diseases or energy loss for example. But there is a solution. Moss.

Moss is probably the most effective natural way to clean the city air. Mosses have no roots but rhizoids, which means that they must absorb all their water and nutrients from the air. In this process they also attract everything else that happens to be in the atmosphere around them, sucking them in like an air filter. These particles also include air pollutants, such as toxic trace elements and heavy metals. They will be safely captured and retained by the mosses, making the air harmless and safe for us to breathe again.

Their next skill in cleaning the air is called photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, their small leaves capture water and Carbon dioxide and turn them into glucose, on which they feed, and Oxygen which they emit. This is not a skill that’s own to the moss species, almost every plant feeds itself this way, mosses are just highly effective. They get more work done with less space because they get help from the bacteria living in their leaves. These bacteria also convert carbon into their own biomass, moss just takes home all the credit.

Ozon (O3) waardes

Health benefits

So, clean air, sounds good right? But what does it actually do for us?

With the reduction of air pollution, we’ll have a higher chance of living longer. Long-term exposure to poor air quality could lead to airway problems, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and other chronic diseases.

Also, we get less sick overall. Most viruses travel best when the humidity is low. Luckily is moss great a regulating the humidity around itself, keeping it between 40 and 60 percent. This makes it much harder for viruses to spread.

This means that we could live longer and healthier, but also better. By reducing air pollution and converting carbon dioxide, moss allows us to breathe in a lot more oxygen. And this part does wonders. More oxygen stimulates your brain activity, leading to better memory, a boost of concentration, and alertness, it calms anxiety, helps you release more serotonin, and gets you to sleep better. And these are only some of the many benefits. All this happens because your brain uses 20% of all the oxygen intake. So, more oxygen, a more powerful brain. Oxygen also infects every other cell in your body, strengthening your immune system, muscles, and cardiovascular system, and raising your energy levels.  

By cleaning up the air our whole lives could change. Who wouldn’t want that?

Relaxing our cities

And that’s not even all. Next to our personal benefits, moss also has a way of potentially relaxing our urban life. Moss, if used in abundance, has the ability to cool our cities down. Of course, there can still be heatwaves, but they won’t be as bad as they could be.

Moss also has a way of absorbing the sound, instead of bouncing the sounds back like the stone walls. This could reduce the noise coming from cars in the city or highways, construction sites, or your inconsiderate neighbors who keep the party on till after 1 AM.

So, by adding green facades to the city, we’ll get clean air, a healthy body, and an all-around nicer and more relaxed environment to live in. All thanks to the specie who started this life all in the first place. Now let’s take care of that life as much as we can.