Our philosophy

We believe a living city is a healthy city.
By creating space for nature -in an otherwise barren environment- and integrating self-sustaining vegetation in an efficient, sustainable and functional way, we want to bring cities to life.
With bio-receptive concrete and moss facades Respyre empowers cities to breathe!

Our Team

Mark de Kruijff
Founder CEO

MSc Applied Physics, TU Delft

"I'm engaged in everything in and out of Respyre, and work to make our product succeed, to make the positive impact on our environment and grow a healthy and inspiring company with it."

Auke Bleij
Product Developer

Bsc Civil Engineering, TU Delft

"I thoroughly enjoy the versatility that comes with our technical development, and work towards a product that is well balanced and effective."

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Enne Lampe
Business Developer

BSc Industrial Engineering, TU Delft
M.A. Literary Theory, Universty of Leiden

"Eager to help Respyre grow wherever I can, but my focus lies on clearly and effectively communicating the story of Respyre in order to inspire."

Dr. Henk Jonkers
Technical Advisor

Associate Professor at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geoscience, TU Delft

"I research, new smart materials, materials that should have an added value for the environment. With Respyre I hope to develop bio-receptive concrete and bring it into use everywhere."

Dr. Ir. Marc Ottelé
Technical Advisor

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geoscience, TU Delft

"I'm convinced Respyre will contribute to a sustainable future for our society as well as for flora and fauna in our environments, by integrating natural systems in our civil developments."

Currently we are expanding our team, needing pretty much anything that makes a business thrive!
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About us

Respyre is a TU Delft spin-off focusing on the valorisation of a unique scientific cross-over between material science and biology.

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Send us an email via info@GoRespyre.com

Where to find us

Van der Burghweg 1
2628 CS Delft

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